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Are you serious about growing your business?

KartePay offers affiliate relationships with companies nationwide, allowing you the opportunity to offer your customers a wide variety of industry-leading payment solutions. Partnering with us adds value for your customers, strengthens your relationships with them and expands your business.

Partnership Opportunities

We’re exactly what you’ve been looking for;

Whether you’re a stand alone sales agent or an international ISO organization, we’ve got you covered. We understand how important your time is and within an industry full of faulse promise, you’ll be glad you found us.

Do you remember those conversation’s you had with providers that promised they could ‘board’ your merchant, only to find that after inversting time, effort and resources into the deal, nothing came to fruition?

Without question, our firmest commitment to you is, this will not happen when dealing with us. When we say we can process payments for one of your merchant clients, we will be 100% clear as to the parameters in which we can do so,right from the start.

You can take comfort in the fact that all of our pricing is completely transparent so your merchant will not face any nasty surprises with us. Likewise, we are clear as to how you or your organization can earn with us, by providing you with a separate agent/ISO commission agreement for each and every merchant you board into us, of which will clearly itemise how much and where you are earning revenue.

The old saying ‘time is money’ and so true within the merchant processing business, thats why we’ve streamlined and stripped back our onboarding process as much as safely possible, so you are not inundated with never ending administrative tasks in order to earn revenue from a merchant willing to work with you as of today.

Whether you are a financial institution, referral and technology partner, agent or independent sales organization, we offer you a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market by helping to provide new opportunities and products to increase your bottom line. Take advantage of our guidance, innovation and experience - and profit from a long-term partnership with KartePay.

  • Agent Partnerships
  • ISO Partnerships
  • Financial Institution Partnerships
  • Non-For-Profit Organizations
  • Referral Partners
  • Software Developers

Your Success is Our Success

At KartePay, we provide fast and secure authorizations coupled with reliable uptimes and industry leading solutions to enable you to focus on your core business.

We Care

There is something deep within us that seeks to make a difference in this world. A need to leave a footprint and know that someone's life has been made better because of what we do. We have no doubt that a higher power planted this desire into the hearts of all of us at KatePay who collaborate on many different levels to donate to leading national charities.

KartePay is committed to being a socially responsible corporation.

Look No Further - Your Payments Start Here

At KartePay, we will work to get your merchant account approved as quickly as possible. We'll power your payments, while you power your profits. Get started with KartePay today!

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