Omni-Channel Processing

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The payment environment is becoming more diverse as many vendors are able to offer different pieces of the payment solution. KartePay, however, can offer you the complete package - accept customer payments across all sales channels and devices, whether via the telephone, mobile, online or point-of-sale (POS) - through a single payment processing platform.

  • Choose to accept payments on a terminal, tablet, via POS, online or even over the phone via our secure IVR system. Through the many channels of payment acceptance, all your transactions reconcile in one easy-to-use location - the KartePay Gateway
  • Easy reconciliation with business reporting available across all divisions and channels and at the enterprise level
  • Increase your business by attracting omni-channel retail customers who purchase in various non-traditional ways
  • Work with KartePay to reduce your number of vendors. We take care of all your payment processing needs - from providing equipment for swiping, to offering e-commerce and mobile payments, to delivering top-notch customer service - on a single gateway

KartePay offers its customers the best payment processing solutions in the industry - including our award-winning e-commerce platform/gateway - developed by our award-winning, in-house IT department.

Benefits of a KartePay Omni Channel System

When you consolidate your customer payments across all channels and devices through KartePay, you save time and money, plus you achieve consistency across all channels. Working with a single support team, simplifies service by eliminating multiple calls to multiple vendors. Consolidated reporting and monitoring keeps you more organized, improving your efficiency. Omni-channel retailing allows you to attract more customers by offering multiple payment options. By driving all channels through a single PCI-compliant platform, you experience improved security.

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