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Payments Solutions and Billing Services The ePayment offers payment and internet gateway solutions for your retail or high risk internet company. We provide software, an Internet Virtual Terminal or integration, and a full range of payment processing services, including: MasterCard, Visa, ACH, and Amex & Discover acceptance. PSBill also offers mobile iphone/ipad/droid terminal swipe services, fraud control, batch processing, high risk underwriting, quickbooks sync, electronic invoicing, recurring billing and member management, and low prices for Internet and retail companies.High risk accounts are welcome. You will be able to easily process one-time or recurring payments. We can help you set up your business with a merchant account to accept credit cards and checks, at the lowest possible cost.

Credit Card Processing
Merchants who accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks enjoy greater sales than those who do not. Accepting visa/master cards encourages customer purchasing, stimulates impulse buying, and helps grow your business.
E Commerce Solutions
If you are looking for an E-Commerce solution for your website, We have an affordable and uncomplicated answer. Our Payment Service can be added easily to an existing or new website. Compatible with all shopping carts.
iPhone iPad Droid Swipe
Increasingly many small business owners are seeking to use their iOS based ipads, iphones, and android tablets as swipe credit card terminals. Fortunately we offer mobile gateway processing and internet gateway processing all through one easy to use interface. Our smartphone swiper transaction rates are significantly less expensive then compared with other competitor services.
High Risk Merchant Solutions
Almost any business, on the Net or not, can benefit from using the ACH system to electronically move money. Using ACH processing allows you to accept payments electronically from a checking or savings account - for one-time and recurring charges.
ACH Processing and Payment
Almost any business, on the Net or not, can benefit from using the ACH system to electronically move money. Using ACH processing allows you to accept payments electronically from a checking or savings account - for one-time and recurring charges.
Credit Card Fraud Protection
The ePayment's proprietary FraudWatch protects merchants from the burden associated with fraudulent transactions. Through the use of geo-location metrics and secure authentication standards, PSBill clients reduce fraud risk and keep chargebacks to a minimum.
Why The ePayment?

The ePayment provides powerful processing solutions for retail, internet, and high risk merchants. Setting us apart from our competitors is the wide range of services, relationships, and support we provide. Learn more about our advantages.

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For Internet-based businesses there is always a need to find an appropriate e-commerce solution. This itself can be a challenging task. The ideal e-commerce solution should facilitate online purchases and payments through credit cards.
The process should be automated, safe and secure, because the credit card information stands chances of being misused by someone who is not authorized to use it.
Everyone involved in electronic commerce whether a merchant, bankcard Acquirer, processor or payment gateway know the challenges faced with authenticating card-not-present Internet-based payments.
So you're taking the next step and starting your own ecommerce website. Good for you! But you have so many decisions to make. Do you write your own shopping cart or use an existing one? Who should be your merchant account provider? Who will you choose to deliver your goods? With there being so many decisions to make you barely have enough time to sort through all of the information available to make the choice that is best for your business.
What is a high-risk merchant?
These specialized merchant accounts are much in demand by companies such as online casinos, adult content sites, and even large stores like Wal-Mart. High-risk payment gateways are essential for any organizations whose business daily entails a high volume of transactions, or transactions that carry a risk of charge-back, cancellation, or non-authorization of payment.
Ecommerce credit card processing allows consumers to perform a variety of activities through the use of the Internet, including purchases and paying bills. A variety of stores and companies provide sites and services to assist in purchases and bill payment. These websites lead to convenience and affordability. Using this payment route makes it possible for consumers to purchase goods through many websites available on the Internet.
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