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About KartePay

KartePay is a Global Payment Service Provider based in United Kingdom, with operation in Europe, United State of America & South East Asia. We specialize in providing multi-channel, multi-currency and real time payment processing services over the internet, mail, phone & POS. We make Cross-border payments less complicated between businesses and consumers through our innovative payment platform. KartePay payment platform covers more than 50 payment methods across multiple sales channels, geographies and currencies, offering full flexibility and control for businesses to accept popular and relevant payment methods globally

  • All in one stop shop payment system.
  • The most effective risk management system for your business.
  • The most comperhensive reporting system.
  • Secure payments worldwide with multiple payment methods.

We provide one stop solutions/services to organisation of every size and across every industry and geography a comprehensive suits of innovative payment processing services along with other value added services like Company Formation, Bank Account, Citizenship, Website Designing, Web hosting, Brand & Identity Solutions, App Development, Digital Marketing,E-Commerce Platform Development, Fraud Management Services for E-Commerce/Marketplace Companies etc. due to our extensive partnership with Banks, Acquirers, PSPs, IT Companies, Corporates Locally and Globally.

Our team is made up of experienced and dynamic individuals from both the financial and technical fields, who are all motivated and committed to advancing the field of payment services and technology.Being a young company, we like to think differently than our competitors, focussing on flexibility and dynamism. Placing an emphasis on having fun at work, enjoying what we do and motivating ourselves and each other, enables KartePay to provide the best individual service to our clients. We believe fresh perspectives lead to innovation.

Our vision to develop software and services to make online and offline payments more accessible, more secure and more scalable for entrepreneurs. Based on our core payment capability, our mission is to build the most comprehensive financial product and service platform for businesses. Customer centricity is key to us, therefore we aim to support different business model needs, minimise financial risks, streamline administrative processes and facilitate growth efforts.

Each partner or client is unique. We endeavour to understand each client’s business as if it were our own. In doing so, we best position ourselves to assist our clients in optimising their operations. We take pride in providing custom solutions that help grow our clients’ businesses. Our team is always on hand to create solutions to cater to specific requirements. The team are experts in both payments technology and security. Our advanced, PCI DSS-compliant Payments Platform keeps our clients safe from network attacks and fraud. It also simplifies their compliance with current PCI regulations, and allows them to analyse their business performance at the push of a button.

By keeping up to date with the latest trends, standards and best practices in a rapidly changing industry, we ensure our clients always have access to the latest payments technology.Apply Now





Low, Fixed Fees

KartePay offers a fixed transaction fee. This means that regardless of the transaction value, you always know exactly what you'll be paying per transaction.


Easy Integration Process

Whether you're using a pre-integrated shopping cart or performing a custom integration, our simple integration methods can get you up and running in no time.


Direct Payment to You

Credit card payments received on your website are deposited directly into your merchant bank account, so you always have quick access to your money.


Amazing Customer Support

Our renowned customer service and technical support teams go above and beyond to ensure that your online business is always running smoothly.


Convenient Reporting Tools

Our easy reporting and reconciliation tools allow you to view your online credit card payment history and run bank settlement reports as part of your package.


Industry Leading Security

The KartePay Payment Gateway complies with the highest industry standard for card data security, thereby ensuring optimal payment protection..

What We Do

KartePay is a Global Payment Service Provider based in United Kingdom, with operation in Europe, United State of America & South East Asia. We can help your business thrive

Start-up Businesses

KartePay welcomes start-up companies with open arms.We know it can be difficult getting your foot on the "eCommerce ladder" Rest assured, we will have you processing at reasonable rates within a matter of days. .

Growing Businesses

For companies that have progressed from start-up stage,

We understand "Growing Pains" and provide relief in terms of state-of-the-art Technology, Security and cost-effective e-commerce rates.

Established Corporations

KartePay has a vast portfolio of established merchants. We understand at this point in your company's life you have specific needs..

Contact us today for a tailored e-commerce solution that is sure to meet your requirements on all fronts.

Merchant Account

Are you new to online payments? If you are looking for an internet merchant account as well as a payment services provider, KartePay can help you.

Online Payment Gateway

Your Right Solution to Accept Credit Cards Online. Our eWallet solution is the best for your business to accept payments receive money from your customers

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is accessible from any computer or mobile devices. Multiple users can access the Virtual Terminal at the same time..

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